50,000+ messages already scheduled...

A free Slack app with which you can schedule your messages on Slack.


/schedule new

Fill in the required details like message, time to deliver, recipients etc in a simple and interactive form and your message will be delivered at right time.


/schedule manage

List, Edit or Delete your scheduled messages.


/schedule help

Don't know how to use ? Don't worry. This wil show you all amazing things you can do in this app.

Want to get the most out of Slack?

Had a follow-up question for a client that just occurred to you at 1 AM? or lots of meetings or busy schedule? Don't worry. Schedule important updates for the best time for specific person or multiple channels. Messages are sent from your profile, so no one will know you’ve scheduled a message!

What do they say?

Everything we do at Schedule-it is to help our users get the best out of Slack & focus on productive work. See out what our users say about using this amazing app..

"It's already allowed me to schedule messages to people for the next business day since I tend to work at night and on weekends and I hate disturbing people when they're not on work time!

- John

We just installed this app and we love the concept. It is of great help

- Jones

I just loved this app. Now I can take freely take a day off and schedule my messages in advance. Thanks to Schedule-it

- David brown